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Automation & Visualization


Due to our extensive experience, we are able to support you from the beginning of the project to acceptance. This usually starts by setting up a motor and component list, structuring controls and bus systems, drawing up a safety concept under consideration of the current "EC machinery directives", the use of state of the art PLCs and drawing up functional procedures pursuant to the technical specifications.


'USABILITY' at Y-COM is capitalised and important for all of our projects. This not only concerns operating philosophy for panels and HMIs - in particular, consistent software structure makes maintenance easier, too. In our experience, both increase system availability.

Control Cabinet Construction

Even though we do not have our own control cabinet construction, we are able to deliver whole control cabinets, incl. software and commissioning, from a single source. Your advantage: Everything (hard- & software) is 'Made in Germany' and only high-quality components of well-known manufacturers are used. Each control system is tested by the project managing commissioner and all installations are checked for proper function.

Global Commissioning On Site

Since we know that each day in commissioning not only causes high personnel costs but also often limits system productivity, all steps are taken to keep this time as short as possible. So for example, Y-COM does not test EA bus systems to be installed by trial and error, but using a high-quality bus analysis system to ensure proper operation. We ensure effective grounding of the switching system and machine parts and test and discuss safety facilities. Qualified training of your machine operators and maintenance personnel is mandatory.

Extruder Systems for AL or Steel

Since foundation, the Y-COM has been working on automation of extruder systems for aluminium profiles. This usually includes a gas block heating for the pre-material, hydraulic extruder (20-150MN), a multi-puller adjustment system, flying saw, stretch forming bench, one-part saw and profile stacker. This type of system only consists of 4 S7-400 controls, more than 50 electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and several hundred EA points. For new systems as well as for modernisations, you can profit directly from our procedural and technological know-how.


Current projects

Level 1 - Automation

Level 2 - BDE and FLS


  • Software Engineering, Siemens S7 & S5, Rockwell Control-Logix & PLC5
  • Experience with hydraulic Systems
  • Experience with all kinds of electrical drives
  • Frequency converters, Brands: Siemens, ABB, SEW, ...
  • Experience with positioning controls PTP, Master/Slave, flying saw...
  • Complete hardware incl. engineering
  • Anything from the idea to the complete control/system from a single hand
  • Special know-how in the plant engineering area for light-metal clamp technology
  • Extrusion, heating installations, transport systems, storage systems ...

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