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Data Acquisition

Collection of Operational Data

Long-term operation in the BDE area has enabled Y-COM to develop standard tools that can be adapted to the respective process operations. These standard tools include:

Collection of Operational Data (Level 2)

  • Production overview
  • Production order information
  • Frame management
  • User management with access control
  • Shift management
    • Shift-plan drafting
    • Shift-time analysis
    • Shift-transfer
  • Machine check-up
  • Documentation of idle times and interference times
  • Optimisation of production parameters
  • Process supervision
  • Reject information
  • Removal calculation
  • Reporting
    • Production report per shift
    • Production report per day
    • Production report per week
    • Production protocol
    • Block protocol (extruder)

Quality Assurance

  • Preventive maintenance and service
    • Spare part storage
    • Maintenance and service (supervision)
  • Measuring
  • Hardness checks
  • Sample withdrawal
  • Printing quality certificates

Tool Management

  • Tool Management
    • Master data
    • Life cycle
    • Clearance
    • Tool processing
  • Tool transport
  • Tool construction
  • Tool storage

Control Systems

  • Automatic tool high rack warehouse (storing and stock removal of tools and accessories)
  • Profile high rack warehouse with fully automated rack operating equipment
  • Fully automated basket transport from sawing to packaging or further processing
    • Fully automated rod magazine, including equipping the block furnace

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